About Us

We are extremely excited about your interest in CELEBRATION CHURCH at Monroe Street during this wonderful season of ministry.

We want you to know that we are asking God to increase our capacity to love our neighbors, to be large enough to impact our community and small enough to care for people.

We want to become the β€œIrresistible” Church: The Church that affects the quality of life in our community.

We want to be a community of Believers where the doors are open: The Church where people are passionately in love with Jesus and everyone is welcomed to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another!

As a Church, we want to see men, women, boys and girls win in life on the foundation of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! We believe we must depend on the Lord Jesus Christ and His gifts in order to win.

We are praying and believing that every need among us will be met by God and, through His people. We believe this will happen in the community of believers in the Church. In fact, it has already begun!

We are available to explore with you the possibility of you becoming a part of what God is doing in and through CELEBRATION CHURCH at Monroe Street.

With Much Love,

Pastor Bob & First Lady Sabrina Washington